The City of West Des Moines is making excellent progress on building our conduit network! We’ve learned a lot along the way, and as a result, we have a few updates to announce that will streamline how we move forward with connecting the conduit network to homes and businesses.

How it Works

To increase efficiencies and let property owners work directly with the internet provider of their choice, the City will no longer be installing “drops” or connections from the conduit network (in the city-owned Right of Way) to individual homes and businesses. The drops will now be installed when you, the homeowner or property owner, select an internet service provider who will then handle installing the connection and the services they provide for you.  

This means that your yard (from your home or business to the parking or Right of Way) will not be used to install a connection to the conduit network until you decide to purchase services from a provider in the City’s network. If you decide not to purchase service, a connection to the conduit network from your home or business will not be installed.

For residents who signed up on this website to connect to the conduit network, we want to thank you for your interest in this project! Please know that your information and your email address will not be shared with anyone, and that includes the internet providers utilizing our conduit network. 

Going forward, if you decide to pay for internet services, you will work directly with any of the providers using our network to select your plan, learn about any potential charges for construction or “drops,” and determine when your connection will be installed.  

We look forward to building the remaining phases of our citywide open access conduit network. The map below shows the areas that have been completed and those that we’ll be working on this year.